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Meet GW King - “The Smart Money Guy"

Everyone has a financial plan, but some are better than others. I look at a client's overall financial picture and then create a plan to fit to their specific circumstances.

I recommend many conservative investments for retirement, because I'm a strong believer in products that offer lifetime income. Especially with the aging of our country and people living longer. I don't want you to outlive your money! There’s a reason I’m known as “The Smart Money Guy.”

I believe in providing information to retiree and pre-retiree investors on the financial ins and outs that can make or break your retirement income goals. My YouTube channel features videos with practical insights you can use today.

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Insights from The Smart Money Guy

Many people are worried about running out of money during retirement. Rightly so, given we are living longer and healthier lives. I have a passion for sharing stable retirement strategies with everyone wanting to enjoy retirement to the fullest! 

Here are some of my most popular Smart Money Guy videos:


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