Who does King Retirement Solutions Serve?


Who We Serve | Wealth Services | King Retirement Solutions

Retirees and Pre-retirees

Different needs. Shared goals. People have different priorities at different times in their lives. But all of us want to have the finances to live out our retirements comfortably. If you are a pre-retiree, you likely want to focus on growing your nest egg and therefore, are less risk averse. 

As a retiree, you are actively using your savings to live day to day and tend to be concerned with having the security that can come with an annuity and regular, monthly income. We’ll take your specific situation and needs into consideration to create the plan that fits

Hard-Working Individuals and Families

Take care of yourself and the people you love. In my book, family comes first. That’s why my role as a fiduciary for my clients is a top priority. It means we’re legally obligated to act in our clients’ best interests (and we can back up our recommendations on their behalf).
I want you to know we are dedicated to you and always in your corner, no matter what. We’re independent, which means we have access to a wide variety of products and services we can use to help custom-build a plan for your needs.

Who We Serve | Wealth Services | King Retirement Solutions
Who We Serve | Wealth Services | King Retirement Solutions

Government Employees

Navigate your federal or state employment retirement benefits.
Government employees have a lot to think about, with state-level and federal-level retirement programs. You must navigate systems most people don’t. At the same time, you have to deal with Social Security, Medicaid and taxes in retirement, as most retirees do. We have a comprehensive approach to retirement income planning, which means we take the time to learn about these systems and help our clients with their state or federal benefits.